Our Story

Our founder, Yvonne Sagredo-Ledesma, is a Christian, a wife and mother of two daughters. Born in Dominican Republic to a German mother and a Dominican father.
She left her law career to share her passion for fashion and glamour with others around her and founded Lorencetti in 2017. It all began with the signature bow design she created for her own little Annabelle. Later, she expanded to women's and mommy and me designs. Her pursuit has always been to create pieces that are refined, elegant and high quality.

Each piece is designed and hand crafted in Dominican Republic in the family-run atelier. The secret weapon is Yvonne's very own mother, Nicole, who is the head designer expertly designing pieces that embody both classical European elegance and Latin glamour. 

"My inspiration has always been my German family's fashion house extending over three generations. They taught me the value of quality, form and thoughtful design."

Materials are meticulously picked to be only of the highest quality. Our intricate lace bows and headbands are made with lace coming from Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

In the fall of 2022, with the loyal support of our Dominican customers and the collaboration of Yvonne's sister Laura who lives in the US we were able to launch our USA ecommerce store to further share these exquisite handmade pieces with the world.